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SPEI R package, version 1.4

A new version of our SPEI R package has just been released on the CRAN site. From the NEWS file, the differences are: 1. Minor fixes to functions penman and pwm. 2. Documentation of the penman function defined by mistake ed as the saturation vapour pressure, while it should read ‘actual vapour pressure’. 3. Function […]

New site dedicated to the SPEI

We have just updated the web site dedicated to the Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index. It contains new information regarding the index, computation tools and a revised version of the SPEIbase dataset comprising until end of 2011. We have also lunched a new Global Drought Monitoring system based on the SPEI, on the same web. Everyone is […]

Entrevista en Aragón TV

Clip de la entrevista en el informativo Aragón Noticias el domingo 10 de febrero de 2013, recogiendo nuestra investigación sobre erosividad de la precipitación y tendencias en lluvias intensas en el NE peninsular. El mismo tema se trata en esta otra entrevista, publicada por la Agencia SINC: La investigación a la que se alude en […]

Daily potential evapotranspiration based on the Hargreaves equation

A handy little R function for computing Hargreaves potential evapotranspiration at the daily scale. # Compute Hagreaves daily pot. evapotranspiration, based on: # tmin: a vector of minimum daily temperatures (ºC) # tmax: a vector of maximum daily temperatures (ºC) # times: a vector of dates corresponding to the temperature observations (POSIXlt) # lat: latitude […]