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Mapping with ggplot2: stat_binhex maps

Just some notes on the R code used for producing the map on my previous entry about erosion rates across the World. Sometimes, when one has a lot of points to represent on a map, they overlap in excess resulting in an over-cluttered representation that does not adequately inform about the density of points. This […]

A meta-analysis of erosion rates across the globe

Soil erosion is a major environmental problem, since it affects our ability to produce food and the sustainability of many ecosystems. Over the last century extraordinary efforts were devoted to determining soil erosion rates (in units of mass per area and time), under a large range of climatic conditions and land uses, and involving various […]

Entrevista en Aragón TV

Clip de la entrevista en el informativo Aragón Noticias el domingo 10 de febrero de 2013, recogiendo nuestra investigación sobre erosividad de la precipitación y tendencias en lluvias intensas en el NE peninsular. El mismo tema se trata en esta otra entrevista, publicada por la Agencia SINC: La investigación a la que se alude en […]