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Unraveling the HRU water balance in SWAT (III)

End of the story (this continues the previous post). I read one year of data for one HRU from the output.hru in R (), and I applied the water balance equation described in the linked posts. This is basically the following: So, applying the previous equations I got: As it can be seen, the mass balance error (BAL) […]

Unraveling the HRU water balance in SWAT (II)

In a previous post I dug into the SWAT code for determining how was the water balance computed at the HRU level. This is done at the daily level in the code, but values in the output.hru file are usually given by months. The next question is how to compute a monthly water balance for a given HRU based […]

Reading SWAT output.hru files in R

The output.hru file is one of the most important output files of the SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) simulation model. It contains daily or monthly (depending on how you configured your simulation) time series of about 70 variables that are computed within the HRUs (hydrologic response units) of your simulation. The HRUs are the […]

Escalas temporales del índice SPEI

Un aspecto clave en la utilización del índice SPEI (Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index) es la búsqueda de la escala temporal que mejor se adapta al sistema objeto de estudio. Se trata sin embargo de una cuestión sobre la que recibimos constantes preguntas, así que voy a dedicar un breve post a explicar qué son y cómo se utilizan las […]