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Cursos de introducción y especialización en análisis espacial con R

Durante el próximo mes de junio va a tener lugar el I Curso Online de Introducción a R, co-organizado por el Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) y la Asociación Española de Climatología (AEC) con la colaboración de la Universidad de Zaragoza, y del cual seré el profesor. El curso, con una duración estimada de 30 horas, se impartirá en […]

SPEI R Package version 1.6

I just uploaded to CRAN the latest release of our SPEI R package, that is version 1.6. On this release we fix a number of important bugs, and made some modifications to the kern function and to the documentation. This is a list of the changes made to this version: Corrected an error in the function thornthwaite which […]

Unraveling the HRU water balance in SWAT (III)

End of the story (this continues the previous post). I read one year of data for one HRU from the output.hru in R (), and I applied the water balance equation described in the linked posts. This is basically the following: So, applying the previous equations I got: As it can be seen, the mass balance error (BAL) […]

Unraveling the HRU water balance in SWAT (I)

There is surprisingly very few information about how to compute the water balance at the hydrologic response unit (HRU) level with the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model. The SWAT theoretical manual does a good job in explaining the different concepts of the hydrological simulation performed in the model, and the SWAT input/output manual details […]