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Spatial-temporal analysis of the 1970’s Sahel drought

The drought in the Sahel region during most of the 1970’s is one of the most recent mega-drought episodes. Drought-caused famine killed more than 100,000 people, and left more than 750,000 dependent on international aid. Analyzing past drought episodes may help us better understand the onset and development of droughts, especially if we are able […]

SPEI R Package version 1.6

I just uploaded to CRAN the latest release of our SPEI R package, that is version 1.6. On this release we fix a number of important bugs, and made some modifications to the kern function and to the documentation. This is a list of the changes made to this version: Corrected an error in the function thornthwaite which […]

Escalas temporales del índice SPEI

Un aspecto clave en la utilización del índice SPEI (Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index) es la búsqueda de la escala temporal que mejor se adapta al sistema objeto de estudio. Se trata sin embargo de una cuestión sobre la que recibimos constantes preguntas, así que voy a dedicar un breve post a explicar qué son y cómo se utilizan las […]

SPEIbase: converting between NetCDF4 and NetCDF3 formats

A number of users of our SPEIbase dataset worried because they could not read our netCDF files in their software. Indeed, some commercial softwares such as Matlab, ArcGIS and Idrisi do not have support for NetCDF4 or did not have it until recently. The main reason for us to use netCDF4 for the SPEIbase is […]