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SPEI R package, version 1.4

A new version of our SPEI R package has just been released on the CRAN site. From the NEWS file, the differences are: 1. Minor fixes to functions penman and pwm. 2. Documentation of the penman function defined by mistake ed as the saturation vapour pressure, while it should read ‘actual vapour pressure’. 3. Function […]

New site dedicated to the SPEI

We have just updated the web site dedicated to the Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index. It contains new information regarding the index, computation tools and a revised version of the SPEIbase dataset comprising until end of 2011. We have also lunched a new Global Drought Monitoring system based on the SPEI, on the same web. Everyone is […]

Response of vegetation to drought across global land biomes

Understanding the dominant time-scales at which drought most influences vegetation might help assessing the resistance and resilience of vegetation and improving our knowledge of vegetation vulnerability to climate change. In our article recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences we evaluated the response of the Earth land biomes to drought by correlating […]

Response to climate variability of large, regulated, basins

The response of hydrological systems to antecedent climatic conditions is interesting for understanding the complex relationship between climate and water resources. This is especially true in highly regulated river catchments, where human regulation interferes with the intrinsic natural complexity of large catchments hydrology. In a study recently published in Journal of Hydrology we analyzed the […]