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Unraveling the HRU water balance in SWAT (III)

End of the story (this continues the previous post). I read one year of data for one HRU from the output.hru in R (), and I applied the water balance equation described in the linked posts. This is basically the following: So, applying the previous equations I got: As it can be seen, the mass balance error (BAL) […]

Reading SWAT output.hru files in R

The output.hru file is one of the most important output files of the SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) simulation model. It contains daily or monthly (depending on how you configured your simulation) time series of about 70 variables that are computed within the HRUs (hydrologic response units) of your simulation. The HRUs are the […]

Response to climate variability of large, regulated, basins

The response of hydrological systems to antecedent climatic conditions is interesting for understanding the complex relationship between climate and water resources. This is especially true in highly regulated river catchments, where human regulation interferes with the intrinsic natural complexity of large catchments hydrology. In a study recently published in Journal of Hydrology we analyzed the response […]

Article: Mediterranean water resources in a global change scenario

Mediterranean areas of both southern Europe and North Africa are subject to dramatic changes thatwill affect the sustainability, quantity, quality, and management ofwater resources. Most climate models forecast an increase in temperature and a decrease in precipitation at the end of the 21st century. This will enhance stress on natural forests and shrubs, and will result […]