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Reading SWAT output.hru files in R

The output.hru file is one of the most important output files of the SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) simulation model. It contains daily or monthly (depending on how you configured your simulation) time series of about 70 variables that are computed within the HRUs (hydrologic response units) of your simulation. The HRUs are the […]

New site dedicated to the SPEI

We have just updated the web site dedicated to the Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index. It contains new information regarding the index, computation tools and a revised version of the SPEIbase dataset comprising until end of 2011. We have also lunched a new Global Drought Monitoring system based on the SPEI, on the same web. Everyone is […]

Daily potential evapotranspiration based on the Hargreaves equation

A handy little R function for computing Hargreaves potential evapotranspiration at the daily scale. # Compute Hagreaves daily pot. evapotranspiration, based on: # tmin: a vector of minimum daily temperatures (ºC) # tmax: a vector of maximum daily temperatures (ºC) # times: a vector of dates corresponding to the temperature observations (POSIXlt) # lat: latitude […]

On the news

Some of our results concerning the study of rainfall erosivity and its temporal trends caught the attention of the media in Spain: February 10th, Aragón Noticias 1 (14:00 h) and Aragón Noticias 2 (20:30 h), 1’30” clip on soil erosivity experiments and trends in the Ebro depresión. February 4th, SINC (a news agency specialized in […]