Generalized Least Squares regression: regression models with spatial autocorrelation

This is the R code for performing Generalized Least Squares regression without (mod0) and with spatial autocorrelation (mod1), using the gls function in the library nlme:

# first load the nlme library

# read data (forest recovery after forest fire)
# 30000 cells from satellite imagery
datos - read.csv(‘variables.csv’, sep=’;’, head=T) # create matrices to store the results sign_pre - matrix(0, nrow=1000, ncol=1) anov_pre - matrix(0, nrow=1000, ncol=1) # bootstrap loop for (i in c(1:1000)) { # random sampling sample - datos[sample(1:30000, 30),] # model without autocorrelation mod0 - gls(SLOPE.AGO ~ 1 + PRECIP, data=sample) # model with autocorrelation mod1 - update(mod0, correlation=corExp(form=~X+Y)) # the two models are nested, so we can use anova for comparing them anov_pre[i] - anova(mod0, mod1)[2,9] # store the p‑value associated to the independent variable sign_pre[i] - summary(mod1)$tTable[8] } # write results to disk write(sign_pre, file=‘sign_pre.csv’, sep=’;’) write(anov_pre, file=‘sign_pre.csv’, sep=’;’)

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