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Modeling the spatial distribution of soil properties by Generalized Least Squares regression

Assessing the spatial distribution of soil properties has achieved considerable interest among soil scientists, both for testing hypotheses about the soil formation processes and for predicting the properties of soils at non-sampled locations (mapping). In our article recently accepted for publication in Journal of Soil and Water Conservation we discuss the main approaches to modeling […]

Generalized Least Squares regression: regression models with spatial autocorrelation

This is the R code for performing Generalized Least Squares regression without (mod0) and with spatial autocorrelation (mod1), using the gls function in the library nlme: # first load the nlme library library(nlme) # read data (forest recovery after forest fire) # 30000 cells from satellite imagery datos — read.csv(‘variables.csv’, sep=’;’, head=T) # create matrices to […]