Postdoc position on Hydrology

We are offering a 3-year postdoctoral position within the WATERWORKS2014 ERA-NET IMDROFLOOD project. IMDROFLOOD (“Improving Drought and Flood Early Warning, Forecasting and Mitigation using real-time hydro-climatic indicators”) is an international project cofounded by the European Commission and the member countries, and has parters from Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Romania, Moldova and Estonia. The position will […]

How using gridded data sets may lead to wrong conclusions about changes in climate variability

When addressing climate change and climate variability over large regions, gridded data are often preferred to station-based data because they help avoiding bias arising from the irregular spatial distribution of the observations. Gridded data refers here to spatially interpolated values from a finite set of spatially scattered individual observations, usually on a regular mesh of points or cells. […]

Inertia or reprise? Reconstructing recent alpine treeline dynamics in relation to climate change.

Alpine treelines (the altitudinal limit of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing) are considered monitors of the effects of climate change on forest growth and dynamics. Treelines are expected to react to current climate warming by showing upslope migrations. However, treeline dynamics are often characterized by lagged responses to rising temperatures, that […]

Oferta contrato predoctoral / Predoctoral position

Se buscan candidatos para una OFERTA DE CONTRATO PARA LA FORMACION DE DOCTORES (PLAN ESTATAL I+D+I), para realizar la Tesis Doctoral en el marco del proyecto CGL2014-52135-C3-1-R sobre DESARROLLO DE INDICES DE SEQUIA SECTORIALES: MEJORA DE LA MONITORIZACION Y ALERTA TEMPRANA DE LAS SEQUIAS EN ESPAÑA. Investigadores Principales: Sergio M. Vicente Serrano y Santiago Beguería […]