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Applications are invited — Researcher in integrated landslide hazard analys

We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher to collaborate on implementing an integrated landslide risk analysis within the EU funded research project ChangingRISKS.

The post-doctoral researcher will have a leading role in the analysis of landslide hazard through numerical simulation. Coupled spatially-distributed models of slope hydrology, slope stability and landslide run-out will be used to obtain landslide parameters relevant for hazard analysis in a probabilistic framework. The model environment will be PCRaster. The final goal of this exercise will be to produce hazard maps for various return periods and initial and triggering conditions. A second goal will be to forecast trends in landslide hazard in the context of environmental change scenarios.

The post-doctoral researcher will also collaborate on the definition and computation of indicators of the vulnerability of the mountain system to environmental changes with respect to landslide risk, and on the implementation of a demonstration platform for environmental change impact assessment.

Researcher requirements

Candidates must have a PhD in one of these fields: Geology, (Physical) Geography, Physics, Civil Engineering. Other (related) fields might be accepted depending upon the candidate’s research trajectory.

Candidates must have previous experience in at least one (being more than one preferred) of the following fields: i) geological / geomorphological hazard analysis, especially related to mass movements; ii) numerical simulation and / or programming; iii) statistical analysis of spatial data.

Candidates are expected to have a record of publications in international scientific journals and a good level of independence.

Candidates will be preferred who have at least one year of research experience based in EU member states and FP7 associated countries.


Estación Experimental de Aula Dei, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – EEAD-CSIC (Spanish National Scientific Council), Zaragoza, Spain.

Contract period and duration

Up to 18 months. Earliest starting date is 1st July 2011, and completion not later than 31st December 2012.


Approximate net salary: 38000 € per year. Extra allowances include up to 1500 € per year for attendance to conferences or meetings and up to 1000 € per year for publication charges.

Related project

The post-doctoral contract is part of the EU funded ERANET-CIRCLE project ‘Changing patterns of landslide risk as response to global changes in mountain areas (ChangingRISKS)’.

ChangingRISKS is a multi-lateral project integrated by three partners: i) Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg  — Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France (leader: Jean-Philippe Malet); ii) Estación Experimental de Aula Dei — Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain (leader: Santiago Beguería); and iii) Institute of Geography and Regional Research — University of Vienna (leader: Thomas Glade).

Overall objectives of ChangingRISKS are: i) to define potential impacts of environmental changes (including climate, land use and socio-economic aspects) on landslide hazard, ii) to analyse the consequences in terms of vulnerability, and iii) to implement a strategy for quantitatively investigating and mapping indicators of mountain slope vulnerability to landslide risk. Work will be done in two study sites in mountain areas of France and Austria.


Interested candidates must send in their CVs by email before 15 May 2011, preferably adding the reference ‘Post-doctoral researcher position’ in the subject field.


Dr. Santiago Beguería,

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Added 31 May 2011:

This call is already closed and a decision was taken on May 20th.

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